Artist - Irene Gardiner

Welcome to the world of artist, Irene Gardiner.

We are very pleased to now be representing the stunning artist, Irene Gardiner, who lives and works in Wales. Her work is incredible and we are among many others who believe she is the next big thing in art.

Irene Gardiner, the mother of Neon Hitch, is an artist in her own right. With years of travelling the globe, living on the outskirts of society, she made a Bedford Panorama mark 1 bus her family home, as seen in Tom Hunters, Rave Today exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London.   

Whilst raising four children, Neon being the eldest, Irene has taught, innovated, performed and crafted creatively, adapting to new materials and places as she travels. From copper jewellery to fine art, from the Himalayas to Barcelona, she has constantly developed her painting style, one free from limitations. Often, staying up late, children asleep, by candlelight, with no running water, Irene would paint, saying:
“To paint on my own, isolated, at night, outside of the usual, whatever that is, allows me to leave all expectations behind and draw out of my creative core, those expressive thoughts that are usually silenced. It also lets me experiment whilst no one is looking, like using abstract print work, layered into the thick acrylic, it doesn’t always come out as you expect and the freedom to be invisible helps those moments you would rather people didn’t see.”

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