Esoterica Art Agency brings you first class modern art from the worlds leading creatives.

We are the exclusive agency for Spanish modern artist, Tito, who is collected across the world by everybody from investment companies to celebrities, art lovers to galleries and demands a high price.

We are proud to have a growing number of highly creative artists working with us. These include esoteric artist, Pierre Blanchard, erotic artist, Mary Bassett and modern UFO artist, Raphael Terra. New artists are coming on board all the time.

All original works are sold via Esoterica Art Agency and prints through our various partners. Prints are only available on works that have approval from the owner of the original artwork.

We regularly exhibit work across the globe, however, this is a rapidly changing world and technology and social networking is bringing a whole new audience of art lovers to artists. With this in mind we embrace the world of the internet to present art.

If you have any questions, wish to interview an artist, need images or wish to purchase a work, please email us.